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customer specifications

Major Activity – Activity 31
To be able to present final product or program details to customer specifications within required timeframes
You are a travel agent in Sydney and you have just returned to work after a two week vacation. Your General Manager, Fred King, has been very stressed in your absence handling a growing workload. He has waited for your return before he passes on the following customer briefs that he says are ‘all urgent’. He has asked for all of the following briefs to be completed by the end of the working week.
You have a look at what he has given you and notice there are 10 briefs that need your careful attention.
Complete the following customer briefs in written form, and address them to your General Manager.
To convert the following exercises into Australian dollars you can use the currency Internet site:

Brief 1 – Vietnam
1) Isabella and Thomas are planning to travel to Vietnam in November 2014 but want to avoid a tour. They want to know some details about The Reunification Express train. Give a brief description and state between which towns the train travels.

2) They would like to see as much as they can in 3 weeks arriving at Ho Chi Minh City in the south and coming home from Hanoi in the north. They have asked for:
 A 3 week itinerary starting 2nd November to 23rd November inclusive.
 A quotation of all costs including airfare, transfers and 4 star quality accommodation

3) Your boss has received a recent request that Isabella and Thomas love to cycle so are interested if some of the trip could be through a cycle tour. State the distance, the length of the tour, the cost and towns through which they would travel. Incorporate this late request into your itinerary you are planning.

4) They have also asked for advice on seeing either a major sporting event, show or cultural event during the time they are in Vietnam.
Your first thought is to visit Intrepid, who your agency have a preferred supplier arrangement with:

Brief 2 – Luxury Train ride from Singapore to Malaysia
Larry & Kathy, a retired couple, wish to take a luxury train from Singapore through Malaysia in October 2014. Please provide them with the following information:
1) The final destination
2) The cost of the trip
3) The length of the trip and the itinerary
4) Some features of the recommended train
5) Your reason for selecting this recommended train versus its competition
6) The name of the train
7) The operator of the train
8) The Internet site(s) and source information you used
Brief 3 – Trip Home to Thailand
Joseph is a Thai man who has been living and working in Sydney. He wishes to return home to Thailand for Christmas 2014. He is a budget conscious person and has asked for the cheapest possible flight for him and his family. He also has a wife and a 4 year old son.
Provide a quotation and brief itinerary for Joseph and his family returning to Thailand for Christmas. They live in a village not far from Phuket, so require transpiration from Sydney to Phuket.

Brief 4 – Morgan and Frank in Israel
Morgan and Frank are Christians and even though they only have time for a short trip this year, they want to visit Israel and see the Christian historical sites around August 2014.
1) State the shortest tour you can find, and name five of the sites they will be able to see.
2) Provide an indicative cost.
Brief 5 – Jacob and Sharon in Israel
The day after Morgan and Frank came into the agency, Jacob and Sharon come in with a similar but quite different request. Jacob and Sharon are Jewish and want to visit Israel to see the sacred sites of their religion. They want to travel for 2 weeks in July.
Find a tour for them by searching the Internet using the terms “Israel Tours”. State the Internet site, name the tour and cost. Name five of the sights they will see.
Brief 6 – Ross in Egypt
Ross is in his early 40’s and travels on his own. He is very keen to go to Egypt in December 2014 to see the Great Pyramids of Giza and other iconic ancient sites. He is asking if it’s currently safe to travel in Egypt as an Australian. Secondly, he would like to go in a small group of people of a similar age group.
Provide some recommendations for Ross. He is keen to book his trip as early as possible after he receives your recommendations.

Brief 7 – Trevor in South Island, New Zealand
Your client Trevor intends to spend 2 weeks in New Zealand in coming weeks. He wants to take the Arthurs Pass Day Excursion ex Christchurch.
1) State what time the Trans Alpine train leaves Christchurch; where it stops and what time he/she will return?
2) State the cost for an adult.
3) He has asked you to come up with an itinerary covering other attractions on the South Island.
Brief 8 – Emily in New Zealand
State the cost and recommend a particular pass for another client of the agency, Emily, a young, single lady in her late 20s who loves adventure and outdoor pursuits. She has provided her preferences and requests in travelling in both the North and South Island.
She wants to travel round 8 days of 21 days and during this time she wants to take several coach trips, the Trans Scenic Rail and a flight from Christchurch to Auckland.
She asks you for an itinerary for her 21 day holiday.
Brief 9 – Donna and Tim in New Zealand
Donna and Tim are a young trendy professional couple that would like to ski at the “in” spot in New Zealand. They want to ski during the day and go to discos at night. They would like an all-inclusive tour so they can relax and enjoy themselves instead of worrying about travel details.
Recommend a tour that lasts 7 to 10 days and answer the following questions:
1) What is the name of the operator?
2) Name and length of the tour?
3) Where is the tour located?
4) Cost of the tour?
5) What is included?
6) What is not included?
Brief 10 – Young Singles in South Island
Two new customers have requested online whether you have any suitable coach tours for young singles that visits the South Island for 10 days. They are after value for money and an enjoyable ‘party time’ with people like them
State the cost of the tour and explain your reasons for why you have selected the particular provider.


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