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The Importance of Water

Forum: M1.D6: The Importance of Water
How does Didion describe the importance of water? What is your personal opinion on water conservation?

Write at least one full paragraph.

Forum: M1.D7: Miami Stories
Select one of the two options (Narrative or Desciption) and begin to tell your Miami Story. The key here is to capture a moment in as much detail as possible. Use the rhetorical structures you have learned so far.

Narrative (1 page, typed, double spaced) FIRST PART:

Tell a story of significance to your family. Tell it in scene.

For Miami Stories Event:

Theme — Tell us your story:

“How you or your family came to Miami”
How did you and/or your family come here, to this city? Tell the story in scene, moment to moment. Include setting, dialogue, gestures, names of people and places. Tell us the year, the season, the moment-to-moment sensations of your journey.
“My first time in Miami. . .”
Give us a scene that you remember from when you first arrived to Miami. If you settled in Miami, describe where you (and/or your family) settled: address, physical description of the place where you lived, neighbors, landscape, streets. Give sounds, colors, names of places and people. How old were you? What was the year? The season? The weather? Give us a specific account of one moment in your life then and your impressions of the place. Include dialogue, setting, gestures.
“What it’s like to live in Miami. . .”
Give us a scene about living in Miami now. Give sounds, colors, names of place and people. Give us the year, the season, the weather. Include dialogue, setting, gestures
The story you tell could be one that you witnessed or one that was told to you. Do not state the story’s significance. It must emerge from the details or actions narrated.

Tell the story as it comes to you, but tell it in scene, moment to moment. It could be a memory or a story of when you were a child or a story told about a relative or sibling or a parent.

Be sure to have:

setting/ location
time of day,
gestures (people sit, stand, move),
dialogue (one line per speaker, tags ‘he/she said’)
Use past or present tense but be consistent.

Which one is a scene? A or B? Remember that your stories need to be in scene. Create a movie in the mind of the reader, moment to moment.

I remember when my sister announced she was getting married. It was New Year’s Eve in 2004. She was very young and our family was concerned. My mother cried and my father got upset.

My sister Katya walked in the kitchen, where we’d gathered – Mom, Dad, Tio Alberto and his second wife– to bring in the New Year. Mom had handed out the champagne glasses. Katya said, “I’m getting married.” It was 2004. She was sixteen.

Tio Alberto, who was already drunk, raised his empty champagne glass to her. Dad held his close to his chest. “Sure, my love,” he said. “You’re getting married. Some day.”
Lesson Tasks:

Read this Handout from The Writing Center at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Go into the Lesson Folder, and:
Post in M1.D7: Miami Stories (your first draft of your Miami Story)
View Tutorial 1 on Criterion
Print out the Essay Correction Key.
Post Your final draft of your Miami story through Turnitin (E1: Essay 1 Turnitin Dropbox)

Forum: M2.D1: Introductory Activity
You should have already participated in M2.D1: Introductory Activity (above).

“Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts” by Bruce Catton
“A Fable for Tomorrow” by Rachel Carson

Go into the Lesson Folder, and:
Participate in M2.D2: Civil War Leaders
Participate in M2:D3: In Defense of Rachel Carson
Below are two general topics. Without using any outside sources, select one topic to compare and contrast, and then write two paragraphs about it.

Life before the Internet versus Life after the Internet

Two friends with different lifestyles.
Consider that there are two popular methods for comparison and constrast: block method and point method. Please read the UNC Writing Center handout to find out about these two methods.
Forum: M2.D2: Civil War Leaders
What are the areas of focus in Catton’s analysis of the two generals? While both are drastically different, Catton observes some unifying qualities. What are they?
Write at least one full paragraph.

Forum: M2.D3: In Defense of Rachel Carson
Listen to the NPR news piece about Rachel Carson, the author of A Fable for Tomorrow. You will note that the radio article menitions a few attacks against Carson. What are the attacks, and why are they misguided?

Write at least one full paragraph.


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