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Strategic Management Part 1


Question #1 (1 Full page, 2 References)
This week, using the “Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix” in the supplemental reading material and reflecting on the content in the reading material in Chapter 4, you will perform a “mock” evaluation of the internal environment for a nationally-recognized company. (See Note below)
For this post you will create and discuss an Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix for a company of your choosing and discuss the internal environmental factors, considering the major strengths and weaknesses in functional areas of a business
Be sure to post the matrix you create.
Question #2 1 Full page, 2 References)
For the same company, and brand develop a SWOT Analysis as well as a Grand Strategy Matrix form for four strategic quadrants for that company.
(Note: A good company information resource for this project would be Yahoo Finance. Locate and click on the call letters for a public company and then view the information topics in the left column. Larger companies have a broader range of information including Business Strategy, Industry, Competitive, etc. An annual report may also be available under Sec Filings.)

Strategic Management Part 2

Question #1 1 Full page, 2 References)
For this exercise, and using the topic material presented in Chapter 6, please identify a trend, void or need that currently exists in the U.S. market that would be conducive to launch a new business concept via either a Blue Ocean or Bricolage strategy. Be sure to identify which of these two strategies you have chosen and why.
Question #2 1 Full page, 2 References)
Using the Business-Level Strategies described in Chapter 5 of this week’s readings (namely, cost leadership, differentiation, focused-cost leadership, and focused differentiation) identify how a nationally-known company has effectively used this strategy as part of its value proposition.
Be sure to substantiate your selections with reference-supported commentary.

Strategic Management Part 3

Question #1 1 Full page, 2 References)
Considering the five basic options listed below that are available for competing in international markets, discuss in detail the factors that a firm must consider when selecting each of these strategic directions.
1. Exporting,
2. Creating a wholly owned subsidiary,
3. Franchising,
4. Licensing, and
5. Creating a joint venture or strategic alliance.
Question #2 (1 Full page, 2 References)
A disruptive strategic move by a company can create chaos within industry. Identify a discuss some counter strategies a firm might consider in order to re-establish a competitive position under a move that disrupts normality within an industry under each of the following disruptive moves:
a) Adopting new innovative technology.
b) A dramatic decrease in price.

Strategic Management Part 4

Question #1 (1 Full page, 2 References)
Executives must select among the four types of organization structures (simple, functional, multidivisional, and matrix) available to organize its operations. Each structure has unique advantages, and the selection of structures involves a series of trade-offs. In this discussion:
• Please identify and discuss some of the more significant tradeoffs that a company faces with each of these various organization designs.
• Identify a business scenario where a specific structure you select might be a good fit.

Question #2 1 Full page, 2 References)
Identify a public company (e.g., one traded on the NY Stock Exchange or NASDAQ) and comment on the organization structure of that company. Be sure to incorporate concepts discussed in Chapter 9.
a) Why is this structure appropriate for that company?
b) What organizational changes have occurred in this company in the last 5 years?

Strategic Management Part 5

Question #1 1 Full page, 2 References)
This week’s chapter explains the role of boards of directors in the corporate governance of organizations such as large, publicly traded corporations, focussing on their ethical behaviour and social responsibility performance.

a). Conflict of Interest was identified as a potential ethical issue that may confront a board member of a corporation.
• For this exercise discuss three ways a corporate board member might engage in inappropriate ethical behavior.
• Describe how could this have been avoided?
b). Moral reasoning was also cited as an issue that might influence corporate behavior. Also discuss an example of why this might be a problem for an organization.
Question #2 1 Full page, 2 References)
Corporate social responsibility impacts a number of a company’s stakeholders including: a) Communities, b) Consumers, and c) Employees. For this exercise:
• Provide a specific example a company you know or have read about has demonstrated social responsibility.
• Explain how has this activity impacted the company (be specific).
Strategic Management Part 6

Question #1 1 Full page, 2 References)
After a Strategic Plan has been developed, approved and implemented, it needs to be monitored, reviewed and evaluated. Describe, in detail, the process of developing a strategic review process and provide an example of “one hypothetical strategy” and how the strategic review process might be conducted to monitor an review that strategy.
Question #2 1 Full page, 2 References)

Strategy Monitoring is the final (and ongoing) aspect of strategic planning. For this learning activity please discuss in detail how managers can effectively:
1. Monitor the strategies that have been formulated, and
2. Respond to strategy performance in light of Corporate Objectives
Please focus your responses on the various tools and methods discussed from this course and from other courses in the Business program. Be sure to use specific examples in your discussion.

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