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  1. Which of the following is least likely to provide reliable nutrition information?

American Dietetic Association

US Department of Agriculture

Muscle and Fitness Magazine

Purdue University

  1. Which of the following is not paired correctly?

Carbohydrates provide 4 Kcal/gram

Alcohol provides 4 Kcal/gram

Lipids provide 9 Kcal/gram

Protein provides 4 Kcal/gram

  1. Foods that have health-promoting and/or disease-preventing properties beyond basic nutritional functions are called

essential foods.

fortified foods.

functional foods.


  1. A formal explanation of an observed phenomenon after experimentation is a(n):





  1. You have two relatives both 55 years old and both have always eaten a diet of primarily fast food. One of these relatives has severe heart disease and the other has low cholesterol levels and no sign of heart disease. What is the best explanation for this?

these relatives have the same genetic predisposition for heart disease

these relatives do not share the same genetic predisposition for heart disease

the fast food consumed is not bad for their heart health

the fast food consumed is good for their heart health

  1. Which of the following is associated with overnutrition?


Failure to thrive

Obesity and Type 2 diabetes


  1. Some nutrient deficiencies occur quickly, whereas others take more time to develop. Which of the following nutrient deficiencies are listed in the order reflecting most quickly to least quickly?

Dehydration, osteoporosis, scurvy

Scurvy, dehydration, osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, dehydration, scurvy

Dehydration, scurvy, osteoporosis

  1. A carbohydrate-rich oat bar contains 20 grams of carbohydrate and is fortified with 5 grams of a fiber which is a non digestible complex carbohydrate. How many calories FROM CARBOHYDRATE have been consumed?

100 calories.

160 calories.

80 calories.

40 calories.

  1. For a nutrition study to provide reliable information, it must:

collect quantifiable data from the right experimental population.

use proper experimental controls.

accurately interpret data.

All of these choices are true.

  1. An example of moderation when choosing foods is:

adding salt to your french-fries.

sharing an appetizer with a friend when eating at a restaurant.

ordering a small burger and fries instead of a double burger.

eating a cinnamon roll and a latte for breakfast and skipping lunch

  1. Currently serving sizes on labels are based on:

The amount people actually eat

What people estimated they ate in 1970-1980

MyPlate recommended serving sizes

All of these are correct

  1. According to the MyPlate plan, a person who requires about 2000 calories per day should consume ______ cups of milk each day?





  1. All of the following are variables that increase the Estimated Energy Requirement except:

a child who grows taller.

adding 20 minutes per day of physical activity.

getting older.

adding muscle mass by weight lifting.

  1. Which nutrient intake recommendation is used as a goal when a Recommended Dietary Allowance does not exist?

Adequate Intake

Estimated Average Requirement

Estimated Energy Requirement

Tolerable Upper Intake Level

  1. Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between the Dietary Guidelines and the MyPlate?

The Dietary Guidelines provides specific recommendations and the MyPlate generalizes these recommendations.

The Dietary Guidelines provides recommendations for a healthy diet and the MyPlate illustrates the appropriate proportions of foods from each of five food groups that make up a healthy diet.

The Dietary Guidelines provides information about food choices and MyPlate emphasizes the need for exercise.

The Dietary Guidelines and MyPlate are unrelated different public health tools.

  1. If Joe consumed 2500 calories daily, he would need to consume ____ the %DV listed in the Nutrition Facts panel.

greater than

less than

the same as

  1. Which of the following recommendations are designed to cover 97% of the population’s needs?





  1. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, maintaining a healthy body weight is emphasized by:

following a diet that provides fewer than 120 grams of carbohydrate daily.

following a diet with less than 10% of total calories from fat.

increasing protein intake.

moderating calorie intake.

  1. For a dietary supplement to claim “high potency,” it must contain ____ percent of the Daily Value for the given nutrient based on the stated serving size.





  1. The best definition of the purpose of the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) is:

to insure that all Americans consume a healthy diet.

to provide food in the American market that satisfies nutrient needs of the population.

to provide nutrients in either food or supplements that satisfies the nutrient needs of the population.

to recommend the amounts of energy, nutrients, and other food components that healthy people should consume in order to stay healthy, reduce the risk of chronic disease, and prevent deficiencies.

  1. The slow movement of food stuff through the _____ favors the growth of microflora.

large intestine


small intestine


  1. Fatty acids can be used to make all of the following EXCEPT:

body fat


cell membranes

regulatory molecules

  1. An individual who eats food contaminated with bacteria may be protected from the ill effects of the bacteria because of the presence of:

enzymes in the lining of the small intestine

hormones and enzymes controlling reactions in the small intestines

antibacterial agents consumed with the food

phagocytes and lymphocytes

  1. Gastric juice in the stomach contains all of the following EXCEPT:


hydrochloric acid.



  1. Which of the following does not influence how quickly food moves through the GI tract?

Size of the meal

Nutrition composition of the meal

Whether the meal is composed of liquids or solids

Time of day the meal is eaten

  1. Which of the following is in correct order from smallest to largest?

cell, atom, molecule, organ, tissue

molecule, atom, tissue, cell, organ

atom, molecule, cell, tissue, organ

tissue, atom, molecule, cell, organ

  1. Heartburn results when the acidic contents of the stomach regurgitate into the esophagus creating a burning sensation because, unlike the stomach, the cells lining the esophagus do not:

secrete hydrolytic enzymes

secrete mucous

contain connective tissue

contain epithelial cells

  1. Exchange of nutrients and gases occurs through:





  1. _____ is a circular muscle that acts as a valve, opening and closing to allow the gastric contents to move throughout the GI tract.

Connective tissue

The lumen

A sphincter

The rectum

  1. Which of the following body systems secretes hormones that help regulate how much we eat how quickly food and nutrients travel through the digestive system?







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