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Multicultural&Religion in china

Assignment title: Research essay

Assignment Overview:
A research essay based on topics covered in class and relating both to the student and course.

Overall aim:
To reflect on human interactions and institutions by applying sociological theories and concepts to contemporary topics.

Learning outcomes:

1. Define the “problems” of sociology.
2. Present major theories or ways of looking at society and distinguish between scientific and non-scientific ideas.
3. Analyse and evaluate these approaches to the explanation of the way in which society is organized.
4. Question the way one looks at one’s own society and what we consider is ‘normal’.

Organisation and methodology:
You need to write an essay on a topic from the list provided below or on another topic (which needs to be) approved beforehand
Students are required to consult a broad range of sources and support all assertions with referenced evidence using APA referencing.
You will only use sources that are available in the library or online. For every online source you must include a hyperlink including for Google Books. You must also the specific data base used to obtain journal articles.

Word count:

Resources available:
Refer to syllabus. You need to use at least 8 different sources of information to write the essay.

Assessment tasks & weighting:
Please refer to the assessment criteria sheet (page 4).

Your essay should be based around the following points:

How is this topic seen from the four different perspectives: interactionist, functionalist, conflict and feminist?
Do you strongly agree or disagree with any of these perspectives? Why?
What “common sense” views or preconceived notions have been changed as a result of further understanding? What new insight have you gained from using the perspectives to analyse the topic?

Common skills: assessed (bold) or developed (italics):

MANAGING AND DEVELOPING SELF 1.Manages own role and responsibilities 2. Manages own time in achieving objectives. 3.Undertakes personal and career development 4. Transfers skills gained to new and changing situations and contexts. 5.Uses a range of thought processes
WORKING WITH AND RELATING TO OTHERS 6.Treats others’ values, beliefs and opinions with respect 7.Relates to and interacts objectively with individuals and groups 8.Works effectively as a member of a team
COMMUNICATING 9.Receives and responds to a variety of information 10.Presents information in a variety of visual forms 11.Communicates in writing 12.Participates in oral and non-verbal communication

MANAGING TASKS AND SOLVING PROBLEMS 13.Uses information sources 14. Deals with a combination of routine and non-routine tasks 15.Identifies and solves routine and non-routine problems
BECOMING NUMERATE AND USING TECHNOLOGY 16.Applies numerical skills and techniques 17.Uses a range of technological equipment and systems

Special instructions:

Plagiarism is the act of presenting another’s ideas or words as one’s own. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, the intentional falsification or fabrication of any academic activity, unauthorized copying of another person’s work, or aiding and abetting any such acts.
Particular care must be taken when presenting information that has been obtained from an internet site. Should this information not be correctly referenced then you are guilty of plagiarism and will be penalised accordingly.

Statement of authorship

Following the title page of your assignment there should be a page on which you sign a statement that the work included in the assignment is your own work except where appropriately referenced. The following statement should be used:
Statement of authorship
Possible topics for sociology essay

You are free to choose other topics of sociological interest.

The overall aim in writing the essay is to gain sociological insight on a topic that is of interest to you. You should choose one topic from the list below. If you choose another topic it must be in relation to the units studied in class.

Your essay should be based around one of the following types of questions:

Would you consider your country of origin to be multicultural? Why or why not?

Questions of cultural relativism: Where do we freely allow a different cultural practice to take place and when do we invoke sanctions to discourage, prohibit, or even punish the practice of norms different from our own?

Is culture a commodity in tourism?

What importance does your achieved and ascribed status have in your culture? Are they both considered equally when labelling who you are?

Identify Goffman’s four traits of total institutions and discuss how a degradation ceremony is used to mortify one’s sense of self. Discuss why killing of the former sense of self, would be considered necessary to re-socialize a person.

Discuss social minorities – on the basis of gender, race and ethnicity – and institutional discrimination.

Prostitution, gambling and/or drug/alcohol use and abuse as victimless crimes.

Imagine a society in which there are no social classes–no differences in people’s wealth, income, and life chances. What would such a society be like? Would it be stable, or would its social structure change over time?

Deviance, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder – discuss.

Is affirmative action necessary?

Marriage perpetuates social stratification.

Assessment Feedback

Assignment Title: Essay

Programme: BBA 6 Semester: 2016.1
Course Name: Principles of Sociology Course Number: GEN 4109
Student Name: Student Number:
Equivalent to: 40% of the final grade

Assessed Tasks (from Assignment Outline) Mark /100 Weighting % Weighted total
English skills (see separate sheet)
Consistency of language 10

In-text citations
Reference list 10
Structure and content:
Background information on the topic
Relevancy of information 20
Use of the correct perspectives to view topic 30
Evidence of research 10
Evidence of reflection / New insight gained 20

Over 91% 90% – 86% 85% – 81% 80% – 76% 75% – 71% 70% – 65% 6460% 59% – 55%
Written work Exceptional Distinguished, extensive reading and authoritative grasp of concepts Greater insight and originality Sound understanding of concepts with analysis, wide range of sources, structured work Greater analysis and insight with range of methods Accurate with some analysis
65% Pass at Post Grad. Basic Pass at HOIII and degree level Basic Pass HOI, HOII
General Comments / Details of Fail:

Overall Grade:

All grades are conditional until ratified by the Awards Board.

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