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Human resource information system

Human resource information system (HRIS) is an application system that enables a human resource manager to keep the track of the employee with necessarily being at the working site. It enhances the management and supervision of the employees in an organisation. The application integrates together the information about employees in a database where they can easily be assessed for evaluation purpose. As such the human resource information system management involves use of computers as hardware, soft wares and an experiencedinformation technology expert. The use of human resource information is currently on rise due to improvement in technology, and globalisation that brings need to manage business at one point without necessarily being at the site to monitor activities (Kavanagh &Thite, 2009).

Human resource information system is essential in any organisation due to the roles its play. Taking the example of Gladwell Grocery stores, the HRIS will play the following roles: monitor the attendance of the employees hence no need to travel in every store to ensure attendance of the employees;

Identify man power requirement for each of the 10 stores; prepare and manage the payrolls; and support the human resource practices such as planning, staffing, compensation, labour relations and salary forecasting. The system is also capable of carrying out recruitment functions such as long term and short term attraction of potential employees, generation and processing of applications sent by potential employee. The HRIS is capable of programming the employees’ development programs to ensure that the talents and skills of the employees in various stores are harnessed (Human Resource Management in Emerging Economies, 2014).

The automation of the human resource management through adopting the efficient HRIS will reduce the costs of fuels spent in driving to every store and also it will save time that will be spent to reach all the stores. The saved money can be used to set up a new a store or improve the employees’ salaries. The human resource manager will have a quality time to plan for future and also make informed decisions on how to run the business to increase the profitability (Hoch &Dulebohn, 2013).

There are various HRIS applications available that can be used to manage the Gladwell Grocery stores. The applications take the form of an intranets, extranets and portals. The intranets are a web type method that can only be used in a single organisation. The extranet method allows use in more than two organisations and lastly the portal method offers links to other internet information and other essential services and allows access to world wide networks. They are also classified as offline operational data, real time data warehouse, offline line data warehouse and integrated data warehouse. The applications requires the following to work, desktops PC where they can be installed, organisation wide-server, server from the software side and the relational database such Java, JavaScript, HTML or Perl. Some of the available applications are ERP, SAP, and EDM (The System & Development of Human Resource Management, 2015).

ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning, it process all information relating to employees and able to integrate the entire department in the organisation at single point. It has an advantage of allowing management of the finances and production on top of managing human. The application is available for small medium and larger companies (The System & Development of Human Resource Management, 2015).

SAP application has ability to manage the human resource information as it has various interfaces that allows interaction of the employees and their department and the whole organisation. They include, customer relations management (CRM), and supply chain management (SCM). The application is capable of monitoring the activities of the employees and rate their performance (Hoch &Dulebohn, 2013).

EDM means Employees Database Management, it is a product of Cobra solutions. The application can be installed into personal computer and monitors employees information such as attendance, performance, qualifications, date of birth, contract type, and job tittle among others. The application can notify the user when the job is completed or need to be done (Shen, 2015).

Employees (Data Management EDM) and SAP should be used to manage Gladwell Grocery stores. The applications are easy to use as compared to the others. The applications makes use of portal hence can be accessed at any place. The applications allow real time monitoring of the employees hence essential for effective monitoring of the employees activities at the stores. The application allows use in more than one organisation or business unit hence effective to manage the 10 grocery stores. EDM and SAP application has an advantage of automatic notification of a problem or a change in the employees profile hence can be used to monitor changes in the payrolls and patient data.These applications will reduce the visits to the 10 Gladwell Grocery stores hence saving the fuel cost and time wastage. The applications will improve the selection, recruitment and training of the potential employees.  This is because they have a platform where the jobs can be advertised (The System & Development of Human Resource Management, 2015).

Optimized solutions will be the preferred vendor. They offer genuine applications and ensure the security of the applications. They offer 24/7 customer services hence they can be consulted just in case there is a problem with the applications. Also the vendor ensures that the system is maintained after 3 months with installation of new and current software that ensures optimum employees management (Shen, 2015).

Analyze HR metrics to support the justification of the cost of an HRIS.
Discuss  a project management plan and prepare the organization for the implementation.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in human resource information systems.
Write clearly and concisely about human resource information systems using proper writing mechanics.


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