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Engineering Business Management Consultant














Title:              YourNewBusiness – Engineering Business Management Consultant







Havinginvestigatedvariousoptions,youhaveconcludedthatyour’idea’isviable,it suitsyou


  • andcandeveloptobeaninterestingenterprisewithgoodfinancialresults.





‘unique’.Infact youmightconsiderbringinganestablishedserviceorproducttoanewmarketordevelopanexistingconcepttoanewapplication.Itisadvisablethatyouselectathemethatisnottotallyfictitiousorimaginary.Theclosestyouaretoreality,theeasieritwillbeforyoutothinkyourprojectthroughproperlyandpresentittoothers.Ideally,youwantto






Toget yournewbusinessstarted,youneedtoapproachfinanciersIlendersIinvestorstohelp

You  raise. The   necessary         capital       for              your         purposes.Youtherefore         needto       put togetherabusinessproposalwhichwillincludeacomprehensivebusinessplanandanyotheradditionalmaterialthatwillconvinceyouraudiencetobackyouup.Youshouldbeclearinhowmuch·fundingyouneed,forhow longandhowyouaregoingto paybackinawaythat willbeworthwhileforyoursupporters.



It   is  important    that   both     your                 presentation     andyourwritten        proposal     cover               the     subjectadequatelyandinawaythattheygenerate’confidence’inthevalidityofyourarguments.Itisworthkeepinginmindatalltimesthegoldenrule:



You+idea+(money/credit+facilities/people)=Product/service·+marketing= Money/credit=Profit















Institutionallenderswillberepresentedbyapanelof’experts’whowill receiveyourpresentationand a copy ofyourreport.Theroleoftheordinary’investors’willbeplayedby theother membersoftheclasswhowill judgeyourprojectaswell.










Report layout:




  1. Title of assignment (Name of the business) – Engineering Business Management Consultant


  1. Yournameandcourse(F/TorP/T)


  1. ExecutiveSummary (1 Page)


  1. Headingsandsub-headingsasappropriate– Table of content


  1. Introduction (1-2 pages)


  1. Objectives (1 page)


  1. Report (12 pages)


  1. Conclusion (1 page)


  1. Appendices(ifany)


  1. Few slides of presentation (to convince the customer to buy our product/ service)




  1. Thereportistobeword-processed,with1½linespacingandthepagesnumbered..


  1. Thereport isNOTtoexceed3000words. (Rememberthe20pagerule!).























Business plan marketing scheme:

Student name………

Business plan title – Engineering Business Management Consultant




  • Idea/concept (originally, technology elements & MARK2:play with the Clint before launching)(15 Marks)
  • Executive summary (15 Marks)
  • Report Quality / presentation (length, appearance etc.) (10 Marks)
  • Report structure, components-chapters (Max 50 Marks)(0-5 mark each)
  • The business objective and related strategy
  • Principal activities, product and history
  • The market, customers and competitive (who is my customer)
  • Research and development
  • The management
  • The basis of operations
  • Major resources requirement
  • Financial information (cash flow)
  • Principal risk
  • The long-term plan for the business
  • Detailed financial and appendices (10 Marks)
  • Power Point presentation slides covering the topics of discussion 

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