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Describing and Analysing an Organization’s Marketing Strategy




The purpose of this assignment is to apply concepts addressed in Course Learning Outcomes 2 and 3 listed in your course outline: external environment, target markets, and marketing mix elements.  You will prepare a series of written submissions that describe and analyse the marketing strategy of a product in a consumer market.  Please note that you may not effectively complete items C and D below if you choose a product primarily targeted at an organizational market. If you have any doubt that the organization you wish to examine does not fit the assignment criteria, please speak to me immediately to confirm your choice.


You are welcome to examine a product offered by an organization with which you have personal contact (i.e. a family business, family connection, somewhere you work) but your effort must reflect your ability to view the organization from an objective standpoint.


Obtain information by making personal observations; talking to management, employees, and customers; and searching for resource material obtained from the company or from other public sources (library, Internet website, publications etc.).  Maintain a portfolio to document your research.


General Format Guidelines:

  • Although you will be making several instalments of this assignment, you should consider each submission to be a part of the larger whole. Each submission should include the material from the previous submissions.
  • Cover page must include your name and ID number, course and section number, assignment title and date.
  • Each submission should be double-spaced. The word count associated with each section does not include cover page, tables, figures, exhibits, or appendices.
  • Use both paragraph-form and point-form as appropriate. Presentation does matter!
  • Show clear application of terminology and concepts.
  • I expect a quality of written communication appropriate to a first-year University course. This includes clear writing (grammar, spelling, punctuation) and appropriate referencing of information sources (APA Style).



See over for Specific Format and Content Requirements: →


MGMT 131 Marketing

Describing and Analysing an Organization’s Marketing Strategy – Continued



Submission 1: Introduction, Situation Analysis, Target Market and Position (1,200 Words)

  1. Introduction  (5 marks)
  • You will provide the reader with an introduction to the paper. This should include, but not be limited to a brief description of the organization as well as the specific product you will address and its target market.


  1. Situation Analysis  (20 marks)
  • In tables (or other exhibits) you will describe the important features of the organization (e.g., financial, physical assets, human resources, intellectual property) and its environment (e.g., demographic, economic, and competitive etc.). Your must support your views with evidence from credible sources.
  • In the body of the paper, you will highlight the most significant factors presented above in a SWOT analysis relative to your specific product. You should identify and describe at least:
  • two key strengths
  • two key weaknesses
  • two key threats
  • two key


  1. Target Market  (20 marks)
  • Demonstrate understanding of market segmentation by detailing the characteristics of the product’s target market(s). You will use tables, or other exhibits, to describe the target market for your specific product.  You should organize this description using the bases for segmenting markets presented in our textbook.
  • In the body of the paper, you should summarize these details and create a rich description of the target market.
  • You should also estimate the size of the target market (i.e., number of potential customers and volume of purchases).
  • You must provide evidence from credible sources to support conclusions.


  1. Position  (15 marks)
  • Describe how the organization wants the market to perceive the product relative to at least three competitive products.
  • You must provide evidence from credible sources to support conclusions.


Submission 2: Marketing Mix (800 Words)

  1. Marketing Mix: Describe the marketing mix for this product: – product and place, promotion, and price.
    1. Product (15 marks)
  • Describe the location of the product in the organization’s product mix.
  • Describe the product using the Three-Level model.
  • Include a discussion of branding and packaging relative to this product.
  • Identify where the product sits in the Product Life Cycle and explain how you reached this conclusion.
    1. Place/Distribution (15 Marks)
  • Describe the transactional and physical distribution of the product. This should include a description of the functions played by each of the members of the marketing channel.
  • In an exhibit, diagram the marketing channel(s) used for the product.
  • Include an explanation of the distribution intensity for the product
    1. Promotion (15 Marks)
  • Describe the promotional activities used for the product.
  • Include the promotional activities performed by each member of the distribution channel
    1. Price (15 Marks)
  • Estimate the costs associated with the production, distribution, and promotion of your product.
  • Estimate the product’s prices through the distribution channel(s)
  • Explain which pricing objectives, strategy, and tactics are used for this product



For Both Submissions, marks will be also be assigned for the following:


  1. Number and Quality of Sources (15 Marks)
  • How many and what is the quality of sources that you reference in your paper?


  1. Writing (15 Marks)
  • Organization: The paper should be well organized and easy to follow. You should use headings and transitions to clarify the structure of your paper.
  • Grammar: Your writing should be grammatically correct (e.g., complete sentences, consistency of tense).
  • Spelling: You should not have any spelling mistakes. Most definitely, you should not have any spelling errors that you would have found by the use of a spell-checker.


  1. Tables/Figures (10 Marks)
  • You should make appropriate use of tables and figures. Tables and figures should be labelled and titled.  You should refer to all tables and figures in the body of your paper.







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COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

2.Apply a marketing management perspective to make decisions that involve target markets, marketing mix elements, the external environment, and consumer behavior.

Measures of Performance

  • describe the marketing mix elements
  • describe the product development process
  • explain the rationale for an approach used to brand a product/service
  • describe distribution choices and recommend efficient alternatives
  • describe different approaches to pricing, considering factors such as perceived value, competitive pressures, and corporate objectives
  • describe the promotions mix elements
  • evaluate effectiveness of marketing actions (e.g. promotions)


3.Recognize the need for and be able to segment a market

Measures of Performance

  • describe bases for segmenting markets
  • identify market segments, describing how those in different segments may view a product/service differently
  • select one or more target markets and provide rationale for this selection

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